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Keep your car looking its best with an expert car wash and wax from Classen Clean & Green Car Wash.

When you want a clean and shiny car, bring it to Classen Clean & Green Car Wash for washing and waxing. Call (405) 627-4689 for more information!

Car Wash

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Car Wash | Classen Clean & Green Car Wash

Keep your car clean and beautiful with our fast, easy, and affordable car wash. Located on Classen Boulevard, Classen Clean & Green Car Wash offers high...

Tunnel Express Car Wash | Classen Clean & Green Car Wash

At Classen Clean & Green Car Wash, car cleaning is our specialty. Your car is one of your most important assets, so it is essential to take proper care...

Waxing | Classen Clean & Green Car Wash

Waxing your vehicle is an important part of regular vehicle upkeep. Properly waxing your vehicle will keep it looking good and will protect the surface...

Get high quality car washing and waxing services at Classen Clean & Green Car Wash. Come in today!

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Did you know that by keeping your car clean you’ll help to save and protect its finish? A regular car wash doesn’t just make your car shine, it also helps it last longer. Keep your vehicle clean with a Classen Clean & Green Car Wash today. We have one of the best car washing locations in Oklahoma City, OK.

Treat your car to a healthy cleaning with our tunnel express car wash. Our tunnel car wash guides your vehicle through a high pressure cleaning system using pencil jet nozzles and specially formulated cleansers. Gentle yet effective textile cylinders hug the surfaces of your vehicle to ensure thorough cleaning that won’t cause any damage.

Every portion of the tunnel is designed to ensure a complete washing that will remove all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your vehicle. Choose from one of several car wash options to suit your specific needs. For an even better look, add our rim cleaning service to remove excess dirt from your rims.

Our high quality car wash service is an easy and affordable way to maintain the look of your vehicle. We take pride in offering our customers an easy way to get their cars in sparkling clean condition. Car washing is essential to keeping a properly maintained vehicle and waxing protects the finish from harm. Stop in today to get a professional tunnel express car wash and wax.