Car Wash

When you want a clean and shiny car, bring it to Classen Clean & Green Car Wash for washing and waxing. Call (405) 627-4689 for more information!

Car Wash

Car Wash | Classen Clean & Green Car Wash - Oklahoma City, OK

Keep your car clean and beautiful with our fast, easy, and affordable car wash. Located on Classen Boulevard, Classen Clean & Green Car Wash offers high quality car washing in Oklahoma City, OK. We provide excellent car cleaning and car waxing services to keep your vehicle looking its best.

You can choose from several washing options, each of which provide an excellent way to get your car free of dirt and grime. It’s best to wash your vehicle every week or two in order to remove the dirt, grease, and debris that can accumulate on and under your car.

Our car wash is very powerful and begins with cleanser application as your vehicle is guided through the wash tunnel. High pressure water jets are utilized to clean every inch of your vehicle. All-around wash devices pivot to clean all contours of your car. Add special rim cleaning to keep your rims looking their best.

We take pride in providing high quality care for your vehicle. If you choose waxing, a special foam gloss polish or hot wax will be applied as your car continues through the tunnel. The drying area quickly and efficiently removes water from the car to provide a spotless finish.

Taking good care of your car will keep it looking good for many years to come. It will also improve the resale value of the car when you decide to sell it. If your car has is covered with road dirt, bugs, or tree sap, it’s important to have it cleaned quickly to preserve the finish. Our car wash services will safely remove all types of dirt and debris.

Classen Clean & Green Car Wash has convenient operating hours every day of the week. Our affordable and fast car washing service is a great way to keep your car looking like new. Stop in today for a wash and wax!